Dear Friends,

Miss being together with you all, especially now that we have a little something to celebrate.

May I share the press release attached which describes a series of media acquisitions just concluded, with some small pride over our employment of work itself as an anodyne to ennui, as this seemingly endless fog surrounds us and threatens to mask our optimism .

Working hard does help….. together with an evening glass of Nolet’s on the rocks with three olives – try it.

With the acquisitions described on the attached, the particular business terrain upon which our media vehicles travel has been expanded and newly charted.

The business of insuring itself– that is, underwriting and its related sciences – has begun to enjoy an increasingly valuable place of distinction at the table of economic and social well being.

Enabling, as it does, the taking of risks of all kinds, from the simplest of  risks like automobiles and houses to global shipping and  pharmaceutical research and distribution,  and providing, as it also does, business and family stability and continuity, more and more world leaders factor insuring into their economic success formulae, underlining these key enabling and stabilizing functions.

Insuring is a business that actively encourages real safety precautions, parameters for prudent behavior, high standards in risk management, and a modicum of civil order itself, all underpinned by “good faith”.

In fact, there is much social good delivered by our readers and the insuring institutions they populate.

In advocating for the betterment of this emerging global business, we believe we serve a sound societal purpose.

Our family business is committed to serving the public interest insofar as insurance serves it and reflects it, today, from Singapore and Mumbai to Amman, the EU, London, and across the USA.

With our kindest wishes for your good health and continued well being, we remain,


Yours truly,

Steve, Carole, Claudia, and Steve, Jr.